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Make your product descriptions stand out from your competition

If you own an ecommerce website you may have fallen into a very common trap that many businesses only discover after some time, often when damage has already been done to your search engine rankings. When adding products to an ecommerce website many site owners simply paste in the product description from the manufacturers website or even from competitors websites, unaware of the consequences of doing so.

Duplicate Content

If you are using the same product descriptions that can be found on practically every other website selling the same items, this will be regarded as duplicate content by most search engines. It is therefore logical that none of the search engines have any reason to place your site higher in the search engine result pages (SERPS) than any of your competitors.

After all, with no new information and mostly duplicate content, why should they?

So what are the consequences for your website?

Search Engine Ranking Penalty

Should search engines like Google suspect you have simply copied the majority of your content from another website, you are risking a position penalty or duplicate content penalty in the SERPS. In other words, if your site gets penalised, its all over. You will never be able to seriously compete online until the search engine penalty is removed.


If you are using product descriptions from a manufacturer or suppliers website, it is likely your competitors are using the same product descriptions as you.


Our Product Description and Re-Writing Service

This copywriting service is designed to boost your website rankings by re-writing your existing product descriptions or creating unique product descriptions from scratch. Once completed, your products will have text descriptions that stand out from the crowd – unique content for your website.

Unique Product Descriptions – Bulk Pricing

This follows a similar pricing model as our normal general article writing service:

    • Writing Cost Of £3.00 GBP Per 100 Words
    • Minimum Order – 200 Product Descriptions
    • 1000+ Product Descriptions – 25% discount
    • Minimum product description charge is based on 100 words.


Pricing Example.

A 100 word product description would cost £3.00 GBP, therefore an order of 200 unique product descriptions consisting of 100 words each would cost £600.00 GBP. An order of 1000 descriptions of 100 words each would cost £2.250 GBP. [Includes 25% discount for 1000+] Including the discount you would save £750 GBP per 1,000 unique product descriptions.

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