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Service + Geolocation – UK Article Writing Service

An ideal content writing service for websites with a national focus

Service Plus Location

These are similar to our general article writing service but focus on a service or product coupled with a place name, or ‘geolocation’. This type of unique content is especially useful for broad sites which cover larger areas, such as directory websites or companies offering nationwide services.

Your Product Or Service Website

This could be literally anything, such as hotels, plumbers, car hire, joiners, property for sale, in fact any product or service your website may offer to your customers, where the user is searching for your product or service in a particular location.

Customer Search Locations

Again, this could take a number of forms, such as every town and city in the UK, every UK county, every town and city in Europe, every part of London, all place names in the USA, etc.

For Example, you may own a UK hotel booking website where thousands of people are searching for “Hotels in [Placename]” each month. Therefore you may wish to place an order for articles based on a hotel search for every town in Britain, such as “Hotels In York”, “Hotels In Edinburgh”, etc.

How Geo Articles Are Structured

Our service + geolocation articles, normally consisting of 300 words, are written in a similar format to our general article writing service where the article is split into paragraphs of roughly 100 words and consist of a primary key phrase plus two others. For example, you may have an article where the main heading is “Plumbers In Glasgow”, followed by a second heading “Cheap Plumbers In Glasgow” and lastly “Local Plumbers In Glasgow”.

Each heading is subsequently mentioned twice in the 100 word paragraph that follows, allowing some variation in your content and the opportunity to link the different key phrases within the content to the relevant part of your website. Usually the client would supply us with the three basic key phrases they require for this service, as in the example above, but we are also able to assist you with keyword research if required.

Although these articles normally consist of 300-400 words they can, of course, be of any length and contain as many key phrases and paragraphs as our clients need. If ordering this content writing service we would not recommend publishing articles of less than 300 words.

Placing a service + geolocation article writing order

The pricing model for our service + geolocation content writing service is as follows:

    • Writing cost of £2.00 GBP per 100 words
    • Minimum order – 100 articles


Pricing Example

A 300 word article would cost £6.00, therefore an order of 100 articles consisting of 300 words each would cost £600.00 GBP.

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