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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Content Writing Services

We often receive questions from existing or potential clients about different aspects of our content writing services. In this section we aim to answer the most common questions about all aspects of our content writing and SEO copywriting service.

Our FAQ is organised into general questions and questions by unique content type. If you have a question which is not covered by the topics here then please feel free to contact us with your query.

General Questions

Why is there a minimum order with each content type?

We are a bulk content service. This means we supply unique written content in larger quantities which allows us to keep our prices lower. For this reason we have a minimum order with each content type. Please see our content writing services page for more details. The minimum order for each content type can be found at the bottom of each content services page.

Can I order a small quantity to test the service?

No, unfortunately we no longer offer this option. Due to the nature of the internet, some people use this reason to gain smaller quantities of written content at our reduced bulk content rates. We are able to provide pre-written samples to genuine customers who are interested in our web copywriting services. In some cases we are able to write a custom sample article for potential clients with larger order requirements. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this option.

Why do I have to pay in advance?
We are a low cost but effective content writing company. In order to take advantage of our low prices all orders must be paid for in advance. The only exceptions to this rule are customers with whom we have a prior arrangement for larger quantities of content, such as 5,000 articles.
I only need 25 articles, may I place an order?
In a nutshell, no. We are a low cost content writing service specialising in bulk content supply. We have minimum order quantities and we do not undertake small orders.
How quickly will I receive my unique content?
The time-frame for completion of your order depends on the size of the order itself. You will be advised of delivery times when we discuss your order with you. As we are a small writing team we have a cap of 500 articles per week per customer, or 2,000 articles per month per customer.
Will you assist me with advice about my order?
Yes of course! We have written tens of thousands of pages of unique content for many clients all over the UK and beyond, we are always happy to help in any way possible. From layout, page structure, sizes and topics to keyterms, related words and keyphrases, we will assist you with any advice which may be helpful to your website.


Questions About Our Written Content

Is the written content in fluent English?
Yes, all our content is written in fluent English by British writers. We are also able to adapt the writing style, such as phrases and spelling, to American English if required.
Do you write in any other languages?
At this point all our content is exclusively English, however we may review this for certain languages in the future.
Do you check spelling and grammar?
Yes, our writers are expected to check spelling and grammar when the articles are written. We also have a quality control editor who double checks all the completed content. That said, whilst we make every effort to ensure as few spelling and grammar errors as possible, it should be noted that it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the content is correct before adding it to their website. When large amounts of content are being supplied it is normal for some small errors to creep in, although we do strive to keep these errors to a minimum.
What format is the written content in?
All our content is written in plain text files, or .txt files. This is to ensure there are no embedded fonts or formatting issues when the content is delivered to the client. It is the client responsibility to add the correct title, heading and subheading tags, along with any other formatting, to the finished article on their website.
Do your writers conduct research into their topics?
Yes they do, but within reason for general articles. Our writers are expected to conduct research where appropriate for a client order and keep the articles factually correct. However, since we are a low-cost bulk content service, we keep the amount of research per article limited to what we deem to be a reasonable amount. This is usually discussed with the customer before their order is accepted.
Does your service provide highly specialised articles?
No we do not, we are a bulk content service. If you require highly specialised or technical articles we suggest you contact a specialist writing company. Specialised or technical articles can cost as much as £100 in the UK for a 500 word article.
is there anything you will not write about?
All our orders are accepted or rejected on an individual basis. In addition to highly technical and specialist articles, we shall not undertake any work related to adult content, medical information, content which promotes hatred or racism or any other content we deem inappropriate. We also reserve the right to refuse any writing contract.
Will your writers add content directly into my website?
Sometimes we have clients who wish to create login details for our writers in order to allow our writers to place content directly into the customer website. We do not allow this except under special circumstances. This is to ensure that no client website can ever be compromised due to any errors by our writers.


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