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Content Writing: Methods And General Policies

We are a small copy-writing team and therefore we only undertake a certain amount of work at any time. Rather than expanding the team too quickly, we try to focus on providing better quality content in bulk quantities. However, having a small team does mean we are slightly restricted in certain areas, each of which are explained below.

Content Supply Rate

We are a small UK content writing team

Over the last five years we have supplied thousands of articles to many customers in the UK and beyond. Due to the fact we are a small team we implement a quantity cap for any individual client. This is partly because every single article is quality checked before being sent to the customer and partly because we never dedicate our whole writing team to any single client, except in specially agreed circumstances.

In addition to the above reasons, and in our own experience, many of our customers either dedicate a current staff member or hire a new staff member to add the written content to their website. The content must be inserted accurately with the correct title, heading tags and other factors. We have found with many smaller businesses that one person cannot normally input more than 500 articles per working week if using a content management system or 300 articles per week if the content is being inserted into a standard HTML site template.

For these reasons we have a supply cap of 500 articles per week, per customer. [Unless otherwise arranged.]

However, we urge you to contact us for a no-obligation chat about your written content requirements. We are here to help and will do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs.

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